InverSur Launches New Fund for ICT Companies in Chile

InverSur has launched its search for high-impact ICT companies for investment in Chile. Managed by Oliver Flögel, InverSur will form part of a network of independent investment funds with private and public capital to develop innovative technology businesses.

The company will initiate its Chilean operations through the Amérigo Chile Early Stage & Growth Fund. The fund can reach a maximum amount of US$50 million, and US$30 million are already committed, including public contributions from two Corfo funds (Capital de Riesgo Corfo Inversión Directa en Fondos de Inversión and Fondo Etapas Tempranas) and private contributions as well.

The anchor investor of Amérigo Chile is Telefónica Digital, a major proponent of technological innovation worldwide. The company has selected distinct private investment fund managers in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Spain, effectively creating a network of venture capital funds for technology. Although Amérigo arrived in Chile in November of last year, it is only now commencing operations.

Amérigo Chile will finance and support the best and most innovative companies in the digital realm. It will seek out scalable projects to impulse local and global growth.

The venture capital fund is poised to become a strategic platform for Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It will add value to the business opportunities currently available to entrepreneurs in the country.

Oliver Flögel, Rodrigo Albagli and Nils Galdo of InverSur.

Oliver Flögel, Founding Partner at InverSur Capital who also created Centro Movistar Innova and co-founded Urban Station, explained his vision of the role of Amérigo Chile:

The Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem is undergoing explosive growth. Bigger and better innovative companies are born and grow every day. Through Amérigo Chile, we want to support the growth of the best, helping them to develop and expand, thus transforming them into successful business cases so that they can, eventually, deliver value to their investors.

Flögel is joined as a partner at InverSur by Nils Galdo and Rodrigo Albagli, both of whom expressed enthusiasm at the fund’s launch:

We hope to bring on various startups, our partners, in the end, to continue to grow the industry and demonstrate the corresponding business potential.

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This text has been adapted and translated into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.