Tech on the Agenda at World Travel Market Latin America

Come  April, Latin America’s travel community will descend upon São Paulo for World Travel Market Latin America. The three-day B2B event is a place for regional businesses to network and negotiate and also a forum to promote Latin American tourism to the world.

One main item on the conference agenda: Technology. As entrepreneurs and engineers from Latin America and around the globe continue to innovate, technology has become an increasingly essential component of tourism and travel.

Here are a few tech-related themes to be explored:

Social Media. On April 23rd, Mark Frary and William Bakker will lead a session on social media and the ways it can be used to drive tourism during the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. A specific session dedicated to Facebook will be held on the 25th as well.

Decision Making. Over the past decade, the way we make decisions about travel has changed significantly, thanks in large part to technology. Sam Thompson will speak about social media, mobile and review sites and how they’ve changed the decision making game.

Blogging. Oliver GradwellClaudia Beatriz Saleh Keith Jenkins and Melvin Boecher will participate in a panel on travel blogging and DMO collaboration. Another session will be held to explore the reach and influence of travel blogs – a key issue considering that 70% of readers use blogs to find information on their destinations.

Video. With YouTube just having surpassed the one-billion-viewer mark, there’s no doubt that online video is a force to be reckoned with. Mark Frary and Greg Brand will host a session on best practices in online video for businesses in the tourism sector.

Digital Strategies. Today’s travelers are constantly connected – posting pictures, writing reviews, searching for activities, etc. How does one approach the digital tourist? Bruno Ruffino will give some pointers.

Tourism and technology are undeniably linked, in Brazil and throughout Latin America.  From travel apps to review sites, personalized destination suggestions and even information-providing QR codes, the possibilities really seem limitless. Given the tech-heavy content of the World Travel Market Latin America, the travel industry is already clued in.

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