Quasar Ventures Brings Parallel Entrepreneurship Model to LatAm

Quasar Ventures has initiated operations. Built by former Officenet executives Andy Freire, Santiago Bilinkis and Pablo Simon Casarino, the company will introduce the parallel entrepreneurship concept in Latin America to build ten new technology companies over the next four years.

What is parallel entrepreneurship? In short, it is a sort of reverse way of building a company. Quasar will first identify and select robust business models. Then, it will seek out the best entrepreneurs to partner with for implementation. Not only will it provide seed capital, but it will also give entrepreneurs access to a global network of investors and venture capital firms to ensure financing.

Quaser Ventures CEO Pablo Simon Casarino described the unique position of Quasar Ventures in the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

It is because of these distinctive traits that Quasar is neither an investment fund nor an incubator. We are an experienced group of entrepreneurs with the mission of building groundbreaking and successful technology companies by bringing together robust business models and talented entrepreneur teams.

Quasar Ventures will operate with US$5.4 million from a group of strategic investors, led by Emergence Capital Partners (out of Silicon Valley). Other partners include Peter Kellner, Martin Migoya and Guibert Englebienne, Alejandro Tamer and Roby Souviron, CAP Ventures, Wenceslao Casares and Micky Malka, Alex Mendez, Silvia Torres Carbonell, Verónica Serra of Pacific Investimentos and Gustavo D’Alessandro.

Emergence Capital Partners Principal Santiago Subotovsky expressed confidence in the Quasar team:

Having worked with members of the Quasar team for over 15 years, we are convinced that Quasar’s entrepreneurship model is the most robust option for building groundbreaking and successful technology companies in Latin America. We deeply trust this group of renowned entrepreneurs, and we hope to continue to build exciting things together in the future.

Quasar’s partners and investors will now use their experience and know-how to seek out the best and brightest entrepreneurs to lead the projects they select. Those interested in becoming a Quasar entrepreneur can apply here.