HUNT Mobile Ads Brings New RTB Platform to Advertisers & Publishers in Latin America

HUNT Mobile Ads is in the process of launching a mobile RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform. The Latin American leader in mobile advertising has developed the tool in hopes of transforming mobile inventory sales and purchases in the region.

Advertisers, agencies and trading desks will benefit from HUNT Mobile Ads RTB in minimizing waste and managing costs. Publishers and developers will also be able to charge higher prices for high-quality, better-performing inventory. Overall, the platform will result in greater inventory volumes, new capabilities and more mobile advertising successes.

Initially, the HUNT RTB platform will be connected to Nexage, Velti and Mopub, Other supply partners will be added later down the line.

“Having an RTB platform added to our technologies is a huge step to maintain HUNT as the leading mobile advertising company in Latin America and the only one that can offer this technology to clients and agencies in the region,” said Alejandro Sas, who founded and leads operations at HUNT Mobile Ads.

Gastón Bercún, who founded and heads HUNT alongside Sas, added, “The world is moving to RTB, and HUNT is always committed to bring the latest developments of the mobile advertising industry to Latin America. This launch is only the first of many announcements that our development team is preparing. Stay tuned!”

When we spoke with Bercún in July of last year, he expressed similar optimism about HUNT’s market prospects and potential for growth.

Founded in 2010, HUNT has established itself as a leader in the mobile advertising space targeted to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking market. The announcement of the RTB platform comes on the heels of the company’s 2012 push to expand its reach in Brazil.