São Paulo to Host Finals of 2013 Indra Future Minds Competition

Indra has officially launched the 2013 Indra Future Minds Competition, the third edition of its contest for university students in Europe and Latin America.

This year’s contest will be Indra’s most international yet, with 11 countries participating in total: Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, the Philippines, Spain and Turkey. Moreover, the multinational finals of the Future Minds Competition will be held in São Paulo, Brazil.

An Overview

Students participating in the competition will be asked to face the challenges of the modern business world – collaborative business tools, virtual environments, the development of technical and non-technical skills alike – within a multicultural scenario.

Sixteen three-student teams will be formed to duke it out for the final prize of incorporation into the Indra subsidiary in the country chosen by each team member, where they will be able to start developing a global profile at the outset of their professional careers.

The Process

The first stage of the competition is virtual and will continue through the 29th of March. Students will work on a collaborative technology platform, and participants of two different teams of different countries will be asked to form international units to solve a specific problem, submitting a proposal along with a 90-second video outlining their work. Videos will eventually be posted on the Indra website.

Following evaluations, two multinational teams will be selected to compete in person at the international finals on April 25th and 26th in São Paulo. Participants will be separated into their original university teams to take part in a two-day event that will combine activities and knowledge with problem solving tasks.

On the 26th, the winning team will be announced.

Indra a Proponent of Innovation

Based in Spain, Indra is an international leader in consultancy and technology. The company is a leader in its sector in R&D and innovation investments, having injected €550 million into related endeavors over the last three years. It boasts €3 billion in sales, employs over 42,000 professionals and has clients in 128 countries around the world.

The Future Minds Competition aims to offer students an opportunity at international experience and support Indra’s sustainability by recruiting, developing and retaining talent. The company has relationships with over 200 universities and research centers in Europe and Latin America.