Sights Set on Brazil’s Growing Middle Class, Macmillan Launches EnglishUp

By the looks of it, Macmillan Digital Education is just getting started with Brazil’s digital edtech industry.  Following last month’s announcement of investments in Veduca and Easyaula, it’s launched a new company, EnglishUp.

As its name implies, EnglishUp is focused on English language education. It offers a main line of education geared towards beginners and promises to teach students to speak English in 12 months. Combining audio, video and interactive content, EnglishUp has been designed by Macmillan’s language education specialists to fit the needs of busy adults.

According to Startupi, EnglishUp will function much like a startup. Its main market will be Brazil’s “Class C” – the country’s growing middle class – and those without the time or money for traditional English classes. To bring in students, EnglishUp currently offers potential customers the chance to try its course for seven days free of charge.

With the World Cup and Olympic Games on the horizon in Brazil, English will be essential to accommodate the anticipated influx of tourists from around the globe. EnglishUp joins a long list of startups and businesses geared towards educating the Brazilian population, including Wise Up, LinguaLeoDescomplicaJá Entendi, and OpenEnglish.