UKBrasil Season: Taking Five Brazilian Startups to the UK

Come May, five Brazilian startups will be headed to London. A handful of companies will be selected to attend Digital Shoreditch as part of UKBrasil Season, an initiative to promote joint opportunities between the United Kingdom and Brazil.

The Brazil/U.K. Startup Competition has been organized by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), a government entity that works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets and encourages overseas companies to look to the UK for business opportunities. UKTI will evaluate startups from all over Brazil and partner with Slumdog Beta (São Paulo)Fumsoft (Minas Gerais)Tecnopuc (Rio Grande do Sul)Porto Digital (Pernambuco) and RioSoft (Rio de Janeiro)  in making selections.

Once the companies are chosen, the process will be set in motion to send them to Digital Shoreditch at the end of May. Digital Shoreditch is an annual event held to celebrate creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent in East London and Tech City (known as Britain’s Silicon Valley).

The 2012 edition of the event brought together over 6,000 attendees and 300 speakers from the United Kingdom and around the world, rendering Digital Shoreditch one of the country’s most important tech gatherings. This year’s Digital Shoreditch stands to be even bigger.

The startups will be selected by way of separate competitions held in different regions of Brazil. São Paulo has already selected its winner: Meia Bandeirada, a taxi sharing app. The contest is still underway in Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro, and inscriptions remain open. See the full contest schedule and look into applying here.