Vitrinepix an Early Mover in On-Demand E-Commerce in Brazil

On-demand e-commerce platform Vitrinepix recently revealed investments from both Astor Capital and e.Bricks Digital – two increasingly-important players in Brazil’s investment scene. What about the company must have caught their attention? We decided to dig a bit deeper and find out.

Though Vitrinepix launched in April 2010, the idea for the company came about in 2009. Viviane Mendes, who founded and now acts as CEO of Vitrinepix, was on a short deadline to create and buy t-shirts for an upcoming event and hoped to complete the task online. Much to her surprise, she found no viable options.

“When I started to research the market, I found big players in Europe and in the U.S. doing on-demand products with personalized online stores and felt it would be perfect for Brazilians, especially considering the huge presence of social networks in the country. Brazilian internet users love being part of something, participating, sharing and spreading online content. So, allowing them to make their own products and stores, sell for free and make real money was a perfect fit,” Mendes explained.

From the looks of it, Mendes’ hunch was right. Vitrinepix now is going on its third year of operations with over 15,000 active stores and 180,000 t-shirt designs under its belt. Notably, all of this growth has been 100% organic.

Creators of all walks of life work and market on the Vitrinepix platform, from individual designers to corporations and even big brands. “All Brazilian internet users can create anything they want, with their unique likes and preferences,” Mendes noted.

Some of the company’s most noteworthy achievements have come by way of brand partnerships with entities like SporTV and the Twilight Saga. “These partnerships are very important to us. They allow us to have special online spaces for official brands and designs and make those spaces accessible to fans. The informal market is huge in Brazil, and we are happy to have the speed necessary to offer an unlimited number of official designs with fast turn-around and good quality. We are much closer to some brands’ customers than the brands themselves,” she added.  

For the time being, Vitrinepix faces little competition in Brazil as an on-demand e-commerce platform for t-shirts, but similar businesses will surely soon be biting at its heels. This in mind, Vitrinepix will soon start to offer other products as well, making sure to maintain its promise of service, quality and turn-around (the processes of printing and shipping to major cities take just one business day each).

Investors Astor Capital and e.Bricks Digital will surely help Vitrinepix along as the company grows and expands – something about which Mendes is very confident. She said, “To be the first one in the whole country to do what we’re doing, to innovate and create something new, put us in a situation that our investors had to be companies that were very connected with innovators and visionaries.”

And by the looks of it, Vitrinepix and its investors are already hard at work with plans both big and small on the horizon. The company just launched a store featuring official designs from top Brazilian music artists, and it is in the process of developing new product lines, such as mugs. Vitrinepix is also investing in new printers to increase production capacity.