Dafiti Argentina Looks to Double Sales Over the Next Six Months

Dafiti Argentina is about to up its inventory – or at least it’s going to have the space to do so. Latin America’s fashion e-commerce leader has transferred its logistical operations to a new warehouse.

The space measures 5,000 square meters and can be expanded up to three times that. Its total capacity: 700,000 articles.

This comes as part of Dafiti Argentina’s plan to double sales over the next six months and deliver the best of the best in clothing and accessories to its customers all over the country. The company currently has a catalog of 8,000 products from more than 170 brands and, by the looks of things, will soon be increasing those figures.

We are developing our own lines of clothing and shoes, which have been well received in the market. At the same time, we are making big investments in marketing by way of television advertising campaigns spreading the word about and increasing visits to Dafiti Argentina,” said Andrés Lawson, Executive Director of Dafiti Argentina. “With this, we hope to breed confidence among our clients, and through high levels of customer service, advance our plan of doubling sales.”

When we spoke with Lawson last year, he indicated that the e-commerce sector in Latin America, while growing, still had some maturing to do – noting that e-commerce represents 2% of Argentina’s GDP as compared to 5% in other more developed markets. Most recently, he expressed confidence, “The e-commerce industry has been increasing by about 50% each year, which generates high expectations for the market.” 

With developments such as this warehouse transfer and the backing of millions of dollars in capital (like J.P. Morgan’s US$45 million Dafiti investment), there’s no doubt the sector, led by Dafiti, is well on its way.