StartMeApp Announces Beta Launch of New Global Ad-Serving Platform

This year’s Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona, and one exciting piece of news has already emerged: StartMeApp is launching a brand new mobile advertising platform.

StartMeApp, a Latin American leader in global advertising, has released the beta version of its new platform, which leverages advanced mobile traffic targeting and includes a real-time-bidding (RTB) algorithm for advertisers and publishers to maximize ROI.

The platform provides access to leading buy-side mobile ad networks and exchanges, and it connects with sell-side providers of rich-media apps and mobile content. In place of cost-per-event ad buying, it shifts focus to revenue-driving value to benefit advertisers and publishers alike.

For advertisers, the new StartMeApp network offers the chance to pre-set specific ARPU levels, thus maximizing the ROI of mobile ad spend. For publishers, it is an opportunity to optimize mobile content inventories, thus increasing global user acquisition, downloads and installs to expand reach.

The network is currently in beta testing with a limited set of advertising partners and will go live with full functionality during the second quarter of this year.

“StartMeApp’s focus on value-based criteria, guaranteeing ARPU and maximizing ROI with our new RTB ad-serving platform, is part of the ‘game changing’ shift taking place in the mobile advertising industry today,” said Alejandro Campos Carlés, StartMeApp Co-Managing Director and Founder. Real-time digital ad display is expected to grow some 72% this year to reach nearly 20% of the entire market for digital display ads. Mobile RTB ad-serving is still a fraction of the overall market, but new mobile ad networks like StartMeApp’s — combining RTB and advanced ad-targeting capabilities – will soon close the gap, driving increased advertiser demand for higher-quality, consumer-engaging ads that can be delivered with superior levels of relevancy and precision to mobile users worldwide.”

Since its 2011 launch, StartMeApp has steadily expanded operations throughout Latin America and the world. It is now an active player in the mobile markets and ad networks of 27 Latin American countries, where it helps media owners, publishers, networks, brands and creative agencies to market, advertise and sell successfully via mobile.

The company serves mobile ads in 100 countries across five contents and delivers 10 billion ad impressions each month (a figure it expects to raise to 30 billion this year). It has handled brand campaigns for top corporations, including Audi, Fox, Adidas, Microsoft and Claro.

While the company was founded in Buenos Aires, it recently announced restructuring efforts entailing the move of its global headquarters to London. StartMeApp is positioned as the premier wholesale multi-platform marketplace for mobile applications in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

See the full StartMeApp beta launch press release here.