#PS10: Presenting the Top 20

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This year, 153 companies submitted their projects to be considered for our annual list of Latin America’s top 10 startups, the PS10.

Since the call for submissions closed, we’ve analyzed each applicant to choose 20 pre-selected companies, the list of which you’ll find below. These 20 startups comply with all PS10 requirements and have submitted high-quality information in their applications. Each case was evaluated based on goals reached, clarity of business model and innovation of concept.

And without further ado, here are the 20 pre-selected startups of this year’s PS10:

1. KienVe (Uruguay), a free mobile application that serves as a real time social network for television viewers. Its algorithm recognizes audio to identify what show, channel or commercial users are watching, thus allowing them to “check in” and connect. What’s more, it provides users with pre-selected material according to each individual’s profile – program videos, trivia, literature, etc. Users are invited to respond to surveys and questionnaires through the app and win prizes by interacting with different brands.

2. Idea.me (Argentina), a crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs and creative teams access capital and spread the word about their projects. It is a space where individuals all over Latin America connect to find, celebrate and support creativity, sustainability and innovation.

3. AgentPiggy (Chile), a provider of financial education services for children and teens. Through AgentPiggy, kids learn to administrate their money in a practical way and explore concepts like saving, investing, spending and budgeting.

4. Wideo (Argentina), a platform where users can create animated videos in a fast and easy way. The tool features a library of various themes and graphics, and it also allows users to upload their own videos. It allows for videos of varying lengths with music, text and sound. Wideo is based on a freemium model.

5. TopicFlower (Argentina), a visual mechanism that identifies principal conversation topics and offers information that can be processed to understand how to communicate with a community and improve social media communication results.

6. Samba Ads (Brazil), the Samba Tech spin-off that just landed a US$500,000 investment. The startup is an online video ad network for both advertisers and publishers. It works on multiple devices and offers advertisers various engagement-increasing formats that allow for consistent feedback on brand awareness and purchase intent.

7. Everypost (Argentina), a mobile application that provides users a simple way to generate multimedia content and share that content simultaneously on distinct social media platforms.

8. TransportarOnline (Argentina), a logistics services marketplace. The startup’s objective is to connect those who need to transport goods with those with the ability to do so. The result: a system through which transporters increase revenues and customers save money.

9. ZeroPaper (Brazil), a tool for small business owners to manage operations. ZeroPaper provides users with a real-time visualization of their companies’ financial situations, allowing them to plan their actions, generate reports, emit electronic invoices, and compare common expenses in similar markets and companies. Essentially, it automatically advises users on ways to make their businesses more efficient.

10. OvermediaCast (Brazil), an online video analytics platform. The tool gathers information about audience behavior and interests, the goal being the optimization of video ad campaign results. It tracks the profile and behavior of each and every viewer and provides brands with valuable insights into all of their video-related actions. The company announced a partnership with Brazilian video platform Videolog last year.

11. Vite.io (Chile), formerly known as  Biletu, is a simple mobile and web application that allows users to plan events and split costs among friends. Users simply download the application, connect it with their Facebook accounts, and start making plans.

12. Tambero (Argentina), a web platform for intelligent agriculture management through which students and farmers can oversee their establishments efficiently from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

13. Uppoints (Brazil), an intelligent, real-time tool that tracks consumer behavior at the point of sale and helps retail clients control stock.

14. EasyDev (Colombia), a web platform that develops software by way of the agile generation of functional prototypes and the optimal definition of client requirements. The tool boasts a direct channel of communication that permits constant feedback.

15. Poliglota (Chile), the world’s first language education social network, which brings together over 35,000 language learners face-to-face in parks, bars and cafes in more than 120 cities for casual conversation groups. Poliglota meetings are organized on a weekly basis by local volunteers and generally last for two hours. The startup functions on collaborative learning and brings the virtual world to the real world.

16. Findseat (Colombia), a mobile application for movie theaters through which users can reserve their seats, see what’s playing and track the films they’ve seen.

17. Edoome (Chile), an educational social network through which teachers, parents and students can communicate, collaborate and share. Essentially, what Edoome does is to turn the classroom into an online community.

18. Goplaceit (Chile), a real estate search engine that allows users to publish properties free of charge and notify the members of the Goplaceit community who have expressed a preference for the area in question. The platform also allows users to access statistical tools – for example, where people are looking, what they’re looking for, and what price ranges are at play.

19. Pagapramim (Brazil), Brazil’s first bill extension platform. The startup gives users more time to pay their bills, thus helping them to avoid late fees, high interest rates and service cancellations. Users simply register with Pagapramim to receive between seven and 28 extra days to make payments. The service is transparent and is a valuable solution for Brazil’s growing debt problem.

20. SchoolControl (Mexico), a system where teachers, parents and students can find school-related information, including grades, announcements, event calendars, reports, homework and academic progress. SchoolControl can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

This text has been translated and adapted into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.