Insper Business Dynamics Course Set for March

Come March, São Paulo business executives won’t want to miss the opportunity to brush up on their business skills and pick up new tricks with Insper’s Business Dynamics Course.

Over the course of one month, students will hone their strategic decision making skills and learn how to approach business decisions in dynamic environments.

The course will study action and reaction, delving into the generation of both desired and unwanted results. Instructors will present case studies and encourage students to implement various tools and techniques for making business-related decisions. The end result: better performance of the organizations to which these executives belong.

Business Dynamics will cover:

–          Systematic thinking and its applications

–          Casual loops

–          Resource accumulation and organizational performance

–          Simulation tools, survey data and model validation

–          Case studies and projects for application

The course will take place from March 4th to April 3rd, 2013 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Find more information and register here.