Save Time and Money on the Road with Super Gas Me

Brazilian-Israeli entrepreneur Yonathan Yuri Faber has wasted little time getting his feet wet in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. When we were last in contact with him, he was in the final phases of getting lottery app Lotto Stars up and running and had just brought in an investment. And now, he’s got another project in the works: Super Gas Me.

Super Gas Me is an app to help consumers save time and money on gas. Using Super Gas Me, drivers can keep tabs on their gas budgets, locate nearby gas stations and even find out about discounts and offers in the places where they fill up. What’s more, it allows payment via smartphone, taking traditional credit card payments out of the equation.

In getting the startup up and running, Yuri Faber has faced challenges in coordinating so many parts – gas stations, credit card companies, car manufacturers, etc. For him, however, this has been a good thing, Our business is quite complex, which is good for us, because this is going to be a tough entrance barrier for copycats. I believe that you need to be passionate and know about the industry in order to do it right. There are so many moving parts and doing business with big corporations is not easy, but so far it’s going well.”

Super Gas Me, of course, is not without competitors. Perhaps the stiffest competition will come from companies like Chevron and Exxon, which offer consumers their own private label credit cards. In such cases, Super Gas Me will need to highlight its other benefits to compete, namely, the savings it offers through preloaded gas.

This is why Honda buyers will be particularly attracted by what Super Gas Me has to offer. When consumers purchase a Honda, they can also sign up for the Super Gas Me package. This allows customers to preload gas onto their leases, thus saving up to 20% on gas over time. And Super Gas Me won’t stop with just one corporate partner. “Once we have a deal with Honda, we will approach Chevron and Valero and push them to make a deal with us. I’m pretty sure they won’t be happy if we take Honda customers to fill their tanks with another gas brand,” Yuri Faber explained.

Super Gas Me at Vator Splash SF

Though Super Gas Me has yet to completely commence operations (it will likely officially launch mid-year), it has already created some buzz, thanks in large part to Vator Splash SF.

Vator Splash celebrates entrepreneurship by way of an event featuring emerging startups as well as seasoned vets. Set to be held on Wednesday, February 13th, the event will showcase 10 companies as they pitch to an audience of over 400 business professionals in San Francisco. The top startup will be awarded a chance to meet with Alsop Louie Partners, Javelin Venture PartnersFloodgate, and Morgenthaler Ventures.

Super Gas Me is among the 10 startups selected to pitch.

Vator Splash is a great opportunity for us to show what we’re doing and get in touch with potential investors. We were selected out of 200 other competitors and made it to the second round, and it was up to the judges to put us on stage,” said Yuri Faber.

Mobile Payments the Long-Term Focus

Beyond the competition, Super Gas Me will continue to prepare for launch.

Yuri Faber hopes that the app will be able to capture 500,000 users within two years. Once that mark is surpassed, he will begin to reach out to other merchants, such as coffee shops, supermarkets and pharmacies, with the aim of becoming a big player not only in the gas market but in the mobile payment market as a whole.

See what Super Gas Me is all about: