Launch Pad Latin America: DEMO Heads to Brazil

The internationally-renowned DEMO conferences are finally headed to Brazil. This June, the first ever DEMO Brasil will take place in São Paulo, serving as a platform for emerging technologies and trends in Latin America to be put on display.

DEMO boasts a 22-year trajectory as a launch pad for some of the most game-changing, disruptive products in the world. Numerous companies can attribute their success, at least in part, to DEMO, including Salesforce, VMware and Tivo. It is also boasts a scholarship program to support select entrepreneurs and ensure they have a chance at launching their products.

DEMO Brasil will be held at Caesar Park Faria Lima on the 25th and 26th of June. It has already received backing from Endeavor, Anjos do Brasil and Insper and is in the process of confirming the entrepreneurs and professionals to form its list of featured speakers and panelists and fill out its two-day agenda. The conference will be one of the most important events in Latin America of the first semester of 2013.

“The market for startups with applications for mobile, internet and B2B is growing at an accelerated rate, especially in Brazil. We’re bringing in the DEMO conference for the country and to further contribute to that intensifying culture. We want to provide participants with an unforgettable experience and offer the Latin American market a platform to launch technological innovations and to build relationships between startups and investors that doesn’t exist today – not in this format and not with the high quality of products and pitches that we expect to have,” remarked Geraldo Santos, Partner at DEMO Brasil.

Startups: Ways to Participate

Though June may feel a long way away, it’ll be here before you know it. And for entrepreneurs and up-and-coming startups, there are many ways to get involved. Here are a few:

Alpha Pitch: This is open to students and wannabe entrepreneurs with innovative ideas but without actual products. Roughly 10 participants will have the opportunity to present their concepts to investors in 90-second pitches.

Demonstrators: For startups with a product in testing or beta mode, preferably with a prototype. Thirty companies will give six-minute pitches, and at the end of DEMO Brazil, six finalists will be selected (five chosen by a panel of judges and one named the audience favorite) for the DEMO MEGAstar Brasil Awards, during which one startup will be named the victor.

Scholarship Program: This is an opportunity for startups interested in attending the DEMO conference but lacking the resources to do so. Bootstrapped and angel-funded companies are eligible for a limited number of partial scholarships, and university students and researchers may apply for full scholarships.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

For entrepreneurs and investors alike, DEMO Brasil will prove highly valuable. To date, over 1,500 companies have presented at DEMO, and over the last four years alone, more than 40 have been acquired by large technology groups. Moreover, 22% of participants have received investments within 60 days of the conference, and 92% of the companies that have received an investment did so within nine months of the event. Of all those having brought in investments, 62% landed over US$1 million.

Santos highlighted the potential of the event, In this day and age, to better differentiate and compete in the market, companies have to be aware of technology trends and innovations. With DEMO Brasil, entrepreneurs, business and technology executives and investors have an excellent opportunity at hand, because we are seeking out what is most innovative in the market. DEMO Brasil will be the stage where innovation becomes reality.”

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