Seven Latin American Apps to Compete at the Mobile Premier Awards Barcelona

The finalists of the 2013 Mobile Premier Awards have been revealed.

A total of 20 finalists have been selected from a pool of 38 semi-finalists hailing from all over the globe – 22 from Europe, 10 from South America, five from the United States and one from North Africa. The top 20, however, didn’t just beat out the semi-finalists. They are also la crème de la crème of over 1,400 apps that competed at AppCircus events and App Challenges all over the world during 2012.

Of the 20 finalists still in the running, seven hail from Latin America. Three regional semi-finalists (Secret4YouBitDraw and Helena Virtual Assistant) didn’t make it through.

Meet the apps:

Blaving (Argentina)

Blaving is, essentially, a Twitter for voice. The app is a vocal social network through which users create two-minute voice messages and share them with friends.

Denare (Brazil)

The winner of this month’s AppCircus São Paulo, Denare is designed for Windows Phone. It is an iDevelop product that helps users to manage their finances. A stand-out point: the app becomes smarter and easier to use over time.

GiveO2 (Chile)

GiveO2 uses GPS and 3G technology to help users measure their transportation-related carbon footprints. It also includes gamification features to further increase engagement. GiveO2 won AppCircus Santiago last December.

Grabbity (Colombia)

Following its launch in August of last year, this mobile game racked up over 450,000 downloads in just two months. With Grabbity, players accompany one brave “grabbian” through 80 levels as he fights to save his world.

KidBox (Argentina)

KidBox was named the winner of AppCircus Buenos Aires last November and is one of many Latin American startups currently competing in the child-friendly space. Designed for families with children between the ages of two and eight, the KidBox app provides educational and entertainment content for kids while at the same time keeping parents in the loop.

MyPrice (Mexico)

MyPrice helps freelancers calculate the prices to charge for their work. It takes into account various factors, including project, client, rubric and location, and it also measures the freelancer’s educational background and experience.

VideoVivo (Brazil)

VideoVivo was named the winner of AppCircus São Paulo during Innovation Qualcomm 2012 in August of last year. Through the app’s platform, users can buy and sell knowledge and opinion over live video. VideoVivo features one-click payments, user reviews and ratings to ensure quality.

These seven apps will compete against the other finalists and pitch their products at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona on February 25th. Registration to attend the event live is open now – you can reserve your place here.