Buscapé Introduces New Features, Continues to Ride Brazil’s E-Commerce Wave

As part of a continued effort to empower consumers and promote e-commerce in Latin America, Brazilian digital commerce leader Buscapé announced the implementation of some innovative new features to its product last week.

“Our research and development team is focused on creating services and solutions that help consumers have the best shopping experience both on-line and off-line,” said Romero Rodrigues, Buscapé Company CEO, If consumers used to make their decisions based mainly on price, today they want, more than anything, is convenience. And that’s what we’ll keep offering to our users: simplicity and convenience when shopping on the Internet.”

New Service: Calculate Shipping, Buy Direct

That in mind, Buscapé shoppers will now have access to a new third-party marketplace service through which they can calculate shipping fees directly on the price comparison platform, thus getting a more exact idea of the costs of their purchases. What’s more, search results will also feature a new Buy Now button, giving consumers the choice between buying directly on the Buscapé website and being redirected to the original retailer’s site.

These improvements will prove advantageous for buyers and sellers alike. For consumers, the service will mean low prices, shipment savings and simplified transactions. “For retailers,” Rodrigues explained, “our new service is also advantageous: once we provide shipping fee information, we can reach a 25% increase in click conversion. If we used to work as a generator of ‘consumer leads’ for our partners and advertisers, we’ll now provide completed transactions with this service.”

Over 1,000 stores have already integrated the service, including major retailers Casas Bahia, Walmart, Extra, Saraiva and Ponto Frio. This implies a total offer of more than three million products in electronics, appliances, cosmetics, fashion and more.

In 2013, Brazil E-Commerce to Grow Even More

This announcement comes on the cusp of what stands to be another great year for e-commerce in Brazil, which is expected to grow 25% to reach US$15 billion (R$28 billion) this year. According to an e-bit forecast, this increase will be in large part due to a surge in sales of mobile devices and television sets in tandem with economic recovery and increased internet access rates among Brazil’s lower classes.

For Buscapé, these updates are a long-time coming. Rodrigues highlighted, “Consumers have asked for a solution to buy without leaving Buscapé since our launch in 1999. Online consumers are highly demanding, and they want to finish the whole process with as little clicks and as fast as possible. Our expectation is to register 200,000 orders in the first three months.”