Everwrite Update: Catching Up with the Winner of Last Year’s #PS10

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With the search for this year’s PS10, out list of the top 10 startups in Latin America, already underway, we thought we’d take a look back at last year’s winner: Everwrite.

Based in Brazil, Everwrite helps bloggers, media outlets and other small to medium content-driven entities to grow website traffic, improve content workflow and achieve a successful content strategy. Its support includes content development and optimization as well as analysis and research. The startup was founded by Diego Gomes and Edmar Ferreira and was founded in July 2011.

We caught up with Gomes to find out about what’s happened with Everwrite since winning the PS10 last year and get the scoop on where the company’s headed next.

Emily Stewart: Since winning the PS10 in January of last year, what’s happened with Everwrite? How have things been going?

Diego Gomes: The prize was fantastic for us. It gave us a lot of visibility, and it helped us sign up many new users. Since winning, we’ve developed an entire new network of contacts in the industry and met several investors in the United States. In 2012, we went from a two-person startup to a four-member team and growing

ES: How has the content industry evolved since you launched the company? What adaptations have you had to make?

DG: We’ve seen a lot of changes and iterated a lot since PS10 last year. We were too focused on SEO then, and now we are adding several other improvements to our product, such as helping content producers with workflow and collaboration management, and we will be adding social and real-time data soon. 

ES: What trends are you noticing in online content right now? Where do you think the sector’s going?

DG: The content industry shifted directions in 2012, and social gained a lot of visibility. Authorship, shareability, rich content formats and video are some of the hot topics in the industry right now. We’ve seen a huge amount of growth in the demand for data analysis and collaboration tools (for managing remote teams, growing editorial size, reducing content costs) and also experienced the challenges of scaling content marketing strategies.

ES: What markets are your strongest right now? Where are you looking to gain more traction?

DG: Right now we are operating in markets in both Brazil and the United States. We’re still pretty small, but we’re growing stronger every day. We’re currently looking for English-speaking copywriters to grow our inbound marketing efforts, and we just launched our first e-book (English only) to attract more U.S. customers.

ES: What’s in store for Everwrite in 2013?

DG: We’ll be launching amazing new features, focusing on real time and social data, and growing the team. We also plan to invest a lot in user experience and want to improve our current customer acquisition channels. In fact, we just launched our brand new website and e-book, and we are also hiring new employees for our technology team.

What Latin American startup will follow in Everwrite’s footsteps to become the winner of this year’s PS10? You’ll find out in a few weeks. And if you’ve got a startup you think could take the cake, why not take your chances and apply?

In the meantime, check out Everwrite’s e-book The Everwrite Way.