Out of Córdoba, Incutex a New Option for Accelerating in Argentina

Earlier this month, we examined four different options for startups to accelerate in Argentina this year. The newest in the group was Incutex, based in the city of Córdoba.

Backed by software developer Santex, Incutex claims incubator results on an acceleration timeline, thanks in large part to the fact that it intends to concentrate its efforts on a very small number of startups per year. In 2013, it will select just four companies to form part of its inaugural class.

Incutex will commence its first six-month program in April. Right now, it is accepting applications and seeking outstanding teams with technology-based ideas, clear business models and sizeable markets. Though the entrepreneurs selected to form part of its portfolio will be expected to live and work in Córdoba during the program, Incutex is open to applicants from all over Argentina, Latin America and the world.

The projects selected by Incutex will receive US$25,000 in seed capital and services as well as mentoring, technological and administrative support, workspace and access to Santex resources and staff.

Leandro Pisaroni, Director of Operations at Incutex, told us more about the organization – a pioneer in the Córdoba startup ecosystem.

Emily Stewart: Buenos Aires is generally known as the epicenter of technology and entrepreneurship in Argentina. How can Cordoba compete?

Leandro Pisaroni: Córdoba is known for its universities. It is the home of the oldest university in Argentina, which is one of the first universities in the Americas, and it has the second-largest student population in the country. We know there are a lot of talented young people here, and there are also several technology and software companies.

Moreover, there is a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city. Many organizations are working hard to promote entrepreneurship and giving entrepreneurs support and resources. So, we are confident that more gifted people will be moving towards the entrepreneurial path soon and that they will be prepared to create great companies.

ES: Incutex has been created in conjunction with Santex. What exactly is the relationship? What forms of support does Santex provide?  

LP: Incutex was born as an initiative of Santex´s CEO and management team. In fact, the very first entrepreneurs we incubated were part of Santex before. We see in Santex a strategic partner that can add a lot of value to entrepreneurs and startups. They have awesome people and build great software. At Santex, there is a lot of expertise and know-how in technology, product development and customer development that we will use for mentoring and consulting. Support from the staff will also be provided to entrepreneurs if they need it. 

ES: Given the current political and economic situation in Argentina, a lot of startups – even those from Argentina – are seeking out acceleration options outside of the country. How do you convince them to stay? 

LP: We believe in our value proposition. We believe in what we are capable of and that nothing is going to stop us from trying to do great things. Our entrepreneurial spirit won´t wait for the perfect scenario. In fact, we know that nowadays we have to work harder and be more creative, and we want to inspire people to do the same.

ES: How will you define success?

LP: I personally think that success means enjoying the ride while you achieve your goals doing what you are passionate about. If that involves helping other people, that success will mean satisfaction, too.

With the incubation of one company – Smooth QA – already under its belt, the Incutex team is now looking forward to the four new projects to come. Interested in becoming an Incutex startup? Apply here.