Startup SC to Launch Santa Catarina Initiative, Call for Startups on Monday

On Monday, Brazil’s startup ecosystem will celebrate the official launch of Startup SC, a program to develop and strengthen startups in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Sebrae/SC has worked alongside the Santa Catarina State Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development (SDS) to drive forward the initiative, which aspires to transform new ideas and business opportunities into high-potential startups.

Sebrae to Spearhead Training Program

One of the main elements of Startup SC will be its training program for startups. Sebrae will select 20 startups to participate in workshops, courses, mentoring sessions and presentations during one of three four-month modules. Near the end of the year, the best projects will be selected and given the opportunity to participate in an “international mission” to Silicon Valley and present at the Sebrae Startup Day Demo Day in November.

Interestingly, the training program has been tailored to the specific requirements and characteristics of the Santa Catarina entrepreneurial community. Prior to launching the program, Sebrae polled over 150 local startups to learn more about their needs. Sebrae also teamed with local organizations, such as Aceleradora, to design and plan the initiative’s content, which will include customer development, valuation and the lean startup methodology.

Inscriptions to participate in the Startup SC training program will remain open from Monday through March 15th.

Startup Weekend a Taste of What’s to Come

Of course, the Sebrae startups won’t be the only ones to benefit from Startup SC. Throughout the year, events will be held throughout Santa Catarina to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the state.

The first of such events will be Startup Weekend Florianopolis from the 22nd to the 24th of March. Entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and designers will come together for a fast and furious 54 hours of work to turn concepts into companies and get them up and off the ground.

With the launch of Startup SC and events like Startup Weekend and Agile Alliance Open Space on the horizon, 2013 stands to be an exciting year for the Santa Catarina entrepreneurial community.