Porto Leve Leverages Technology to Promote Sustainability and Improve Transit in Recife

This week, Pernambuco’s Porto Digital launched its urban mobility initiative, Porto Leve, in Recife. Implementing a system of bicycles for rent throughout the city, the organization has leveraged technology to promote sustainability and make a positive impact on the community.

Users pay a monthly fee of under US$5 (R$10) and are able to simply “unlock” bicycles for use with their smartphones or by calling a toll-free number when desired. Similar systems, the concept of which was developed by Serttel, have already been implemented in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

A Larger Initiative

Porto Leve is part of a larger initiative to solve growing transit-related problems in Recife.  It is supported not only by Porto Digital but also by Serttel and government entities at municipal, state and national levels. In fact, the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has invested US$3 million (R$6 million) in the cause.

The bicycle initiative is the first of three measures to be taken to improve traffic flow in Recife. Next will be the installation of technologies that can automatically read license plates as well as the placement of monitoring chips in vehicles. The third measure will be the creation of a center for research on ways to improve security and traffic.

Francisco Saboya, head of Porto Digital, expressed pride in the organization’s part in improving its community with Porto Leve, “This is a great contribution for Porto Digital to make to the city of Recife. The utilization of bicycles is relevant not only as an alternative method of transportation but also as a symbol of sustainable alternatives.” 

See this video to get a better idea of what Porto Leve is all about: