Agile Alliance Florianopolis 2013: First 30 People to Register Win Lean Pyramid Course

Agile Alliance Open Space Florianopolis 2013 is just two weeks away. Set to take place on January 24th at the Systems Event Center FIESC, the event will be Agile Alliance’s first conference in Brazil.

Inscriptions are now open for the event, and organizers have something special in store for the early birds. The first 30 individuals to register for Open Space Florianopolis will receive a course on the Lean Pyramid from the company OnCast.

The Lean Pyramid

The Lean Pyramid is a software engineering model that unites principals of both the lean and agile development schools of thought. It helps companies implement agile adoption strategies effectively and generates a continuous stream of delivered value. The course will cover business strategy as well as vision and perception of ROI through the lean lens. Its aim is to promote the software engineering practices essential to the creation of a secure, productive and flexible environment for work and creativity.

As mentioned, OnCast , Open Space Florianopolis sponsor and creator of the Lean Pyramid, will host the course. The Lean Pyramid model has already been presented and endorsed in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Samuel Crescêncio, CEO of OnCast and one of the thinkers behind the model, remarked, “We believe that this event is of the utmost importance to our community and unprecedented in bringing together the Agile Alliance board. We want to help the software industry to become more human, productive and sustainable, and that’s why we are offering this course and supporting this event so strongly.”

Inscriptions for Agile Alliance Open Space Florianopolis 2013 are open, and with only 30 spaces available for the Lean Pyramid course, there’s no reason to wait. Find out more and register at