Latin America Helps LinkedIn Hit the 200-Million-Member Mark

LinkedIn has hit the 200-million-member mark, even further cementing its position as the top professional social network in the world.

In an official announcement, LinkedIn Senior Vice President of Products and User Experience Deep Nishar revealed that the company now boasts users hailing from over 200 countries and interacting on the platform in a total of 19 different languages. Approximately two new users join the network each second, the industries most often represented being IT and Services (4 million), Financial Services (2.03 million), Higher Education (1.95 million), Computer Software (1.65 million) and Telecommunications (1.59 million).

Latin America: Brazil and Colombia Leave Their Marks

Though LinkedIn’s strongest market remains the United States, with a total of 74 million users, a couple Latin American nations played a role in its latest milestone as well.

Brazil has the third most LinkedIn members in the world, behind the U.S. and India and tied with the United Kingdom. Now at 11 million members, one million Brazilians have joined the social network since the country reached the 10-million mark in October of last year. Brazil also ranked second behind China in contributing to LinkedIn’s mobile growth in 2012.

While the significance of Brazil in the size of LinkedIn’s constantly-growing population may not come as a great surprise, the case of Colombia is a bit more intriguing. Colombia was LinkedIn’s second-fastest-growing country in 2012, trailing behind Turkey and followed by Indonesia.

As Latin America continues to rise on the consumer technology ladder and internet penetration rates rise, corporations have no choice but to take note. Take a look at the LinkedIn infographic below, and see the role the growing region plays.


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