Porto Digital Selects Nine Creative Economy Startups for Incubator Portomídia

Following months of preparations and an extensive search for projects, Recife-based Porto Digital has selected the startups to participate in Portomídia, its new creative economy incubation program.

Through Portomídia, Porto Digital aims to promote the creative economy sector in Brazil, which currently accounts for 2.6% of the country’s GDP and includes over 50,000 companies.

When we spoke with Porto Digital President Francisco Saboya last year, he explained that the 18-month incubation process would focus on companies from six areas: digital games, multimedia, cinema-video-animation, design, music and photography. The projects selected will receive extensive support from Portomídia, including training, structuring, infrastructure, exhibition space and trend-watching.

A total of nine projects have been selected to form part of Portomídia’s inaugural incubation class, with six remaining companies on a waiting list should one of those enterprises be unable to complete the program.

The nine creative economy startups chosen by Portomídia are:

Jogos para Treinamientos Empresariais (Corporate Training Games): A game package aimed at the training of tourism professionals in preparation for the 2014 World Cup.

Meu Cachê.com: A web-based information and management system for musicians.

Mobilis: An alternative mobile space for communities located in hard-to-reach geographic areas to exhibit interactive digital content.

Mr. PLot: Innovative media for kids and a way to create unique experiences by way of educational content with the high-added-value design.

Mudcrab Studio: Producer of the world’s first MOTA (Multiplayer Online Tactics Arena) genre game.

Portal do Artista (Artist Portal): Brazil’s largest artistic and cultural collection, a sort of Cultural LinkedIn.

Projeto Fox (Fox Project): A portal to sell exclusive shirts, bringing together fashion, design, telecommunications and the web.

Sinapp-Slider: A web application for the creation of interactive presentations with audiovisual resources and a library of animated features.

Venda Fácil: A web-based digital training game for automotive sales professionals.