Escapes With You Partners with SRI International

2012 marked a banner year for Escapes With You, the startup that helps travelers share, explore, discover and buy experiences around the world. Following its quarter-four launch, the platform took off fast, its number of users doubling within just a week. In was selected to work with Start-Up Chile and was named the winner of the Red Innova Startup Competition in São Paulo. And that wasn’t all the year had in store for the startup.

Escapes With You has closed a partnership with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International, or SRI), one of the world’s largest contract research institutes.

An Opportunity to Share, Explore

With the support of Corfo, a Chilean government agency that promotes innovation, the Escapes With You team will travel to the United States to work with SRI. There, they will explore and share information related to the investigation, patents, and commercial processes surrounding the Escapes With You technology.

Miguel Torres, CEO of Escapes With You, expressed excitement at this new opportunity for him and his team: “Now, we are going to be part of a process where we can show what we have been building, explore where our technology can be used in more interesting new ventures, and also keep on investigating the cool, crazy things that we love to develop.”