17 Companies Make the Cut at the 46th Endeavor ISP in Miami

After long hours of networking, tough questions at panelist interviews and some intense rounds of deliberation, the 46th Endeavor International Selection Panel has come to an end. A new batch of Endeavor Entrepreneurs has been inducted, joining one of the most important entrepreneurial networks in the world.

This time around, Endeavor selected 40 high-impact entrepreneurs hailing from 10 countries around the world.Latin America, as expected, made a strong showing. Here’s who’s in from the region:


Restorando (Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti) – A way for diners to book tables at their favorite restaurants online.

Ventas-Privadas (Felipe Herrera) – A flash sales platform.

Wormhole IT (Sally Buberman, Ignacio Lopez and Maximiliano Menasches) – A provider of services related to web conferences.


AMBAR (Bruno Balbonit) – A company that designs, produces and installs home electrical systems for large-scale construction projects.

Ebanx (Alphonse Voigt, Wagner Ruiz and João Del Valle) – A payment solutions provider that allows Brazilian consumers to purchase from foreign e-commerce sites using domestic payment methods.

Gera (Alencar Carvalho and Fabio Piastrelli) – A provider of IT tools to support direct sales teams and managers.

Grupo Oilcheck (Luis Milani and Carlos Alves) – A company that delivers the heavy machinery market a complete solution for predictive and preventive maintenance.

MXT Holdings (Gustavo Travassos) – A creator of integrated hardware, software and back office services that save energy, increase connectivity and up processing power.

Tec Saude (Sérgio Lomachisky, Zeev Katz and Iliane Alencar) – A leading clinical engineering outsourcing company.

Uatt? (Rafael Biasotto and Ivan de Oliveira) – A provider of gifts and accessories.


ComparaOnline (Sebastian Valin) – A platform that enables consumers to compare and purchase insurance, telecommunications, and personal credit services.


Marroquinera (Mario Hernández Zambrano, María Fernanda Hernández Pérez and Mario Hernández Pérez) – A designers and seller of leather goods and accessories under the brands MARIO Hernández and *FLY.

WideTech (Jaime Arbeláez) – A business that supports the management of logistics operations with a focus on vehicle fleets, field-based sales personnel and cargo.


Orcius (Francisco Javier Cárdenas Ibarra) – A one-stop shop for SME web services.

salaUno (Javier Okhuysen Urrutia and Carlos Orellana Aguilar) – A provider of ophthalmological services to low-income citizens.

Veramiko (Vidal Cantú and Guillermo Farias) – The creator of InTeam.com, an online platform that provides companies with an integrated intranet solution that fosters organic workplace collaboration.


Asuan (Alvaro Maldonado and Eduardo Delbono) – A provider of systems for food processing and packaging systems in Latin America.