Jesús Martínez Larralde: Businessmen are Boxers, Entrepreneurs are Street Fighters

Jesús Martínez Larralde has worked on the concept of EnviaFlores since 2001, starting out at a time in which e-commerce in Mexico was virtually non-existent. After a period of incubation and quiet work on the project, he decided to dedicate himself to the enterprise full-time in July 2007. He thus embarked on a full-fledged endeavor to build what today is Mexico’s leading flower and gift delivery site.

EnviaFlores’ original two-person team has now expanded to one of over 35 employees. Moreover, through its partnerships with hundreds of Mexican florists, it indirectly employs over 800 professionals. The company processes 1,200 orders a week, including floral arrangements, balloons and other gifts. For many of its Mexican clients, it represents up to 60% of sales.

Now, Larralde is in the running to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur. We sat down during yesterday’s selection process to chat about the company.

A Different State of Mind

Prior to launching EnviaFlores, Larralde worked as a marketing and business professional for 11 years. How has his perspective changed as an entrepreneur? Larralde told me, “Businessmen are boxers – entrepreneurs have to be street fighters.” As an entrepreneur, he has had to lead the way and become a jack of all trades, picking up numerous new skills along the way and doing whatever is necessary to make it work.

Importantly, he said, entrepreneurs have to believe in themselves, their vision, and their ability to do something unique and make a difference. While preparation and research are important, it’s about getting started and getting one’s feet wet, above all.

What, then, is he looking forward to should he be selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur? Larralde, who began the selection process in January, is excited about the prospect of Endeavor as a facilitator of faster and more efficient results for EnviaFlores. That said, he acknowledged that his goals for his company remain the same regardless of his acceptance into the organization.

Today, Larralde will find out his Endeavor fate. And moving forward, he has much more in mind. He said that his vision is to become the biggest flower and gift delivery platform in Latin America. With a focus on customer service, he will seek to localize and implement his business model in countries throughout the region – in fact, EnviaFlores is already active in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

In closing, Larralde noted the value of EnviaFlores in modernizing the floral industry, which is historically a largely offline sector. He asked, “What use is all of this technology if we can’t put it to use?”