46th Endeavor ISP: Catching Up With Restorando’s Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti

We at PulsoSocial have been following Restorando for quite some time now, including its January fusion with CenaPlus and its receipt of a US$3.2 million investment in February.

This time around, we got a chance to catch up with the company at the 46th Endeavor International Selection Panel today in Miami, where Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti are completing the last leg of the selection process to earn the coveted title of Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Founded in January 2011, Restorando is a booking platform for restaurants. It allows diners to book tables online and gives restaurants access to its cloud-based platform in facilitating the virtual reservations process. The startup boasts a support network of some of Argentina’s leading entrepreneurs and investors, including Hernan Kazah, Nicolas Szekasy and Andy Freire. Restorando is currently active in Argentina, Brazil and Chile and boasts a database of 1,400 restaurants and a landmark of 1,000,000 tables booked.

Endeavor a Chance to Give Back

Martin and Silvetti represent one of four Argentine companies in the running at this latest Endeavor ISP. The idea to apply for the program originally came from Szekasy, who encouraged the Restorando team to get involved.

Over the past six months, Martin and Silvetti have participated in various interviews, discussions and panels as part of the Endeavor selection process. They have come into contact with Endeavor’s heterogeneous network of mentors, investors and entrepreneurs along the way, all the way from their initial application to the national selection panel (the final step before this week’s event).

When asked about their perspectives on the experience, Silvetti said that the nature of their interviews has largely depended on the panelists involved. While some are highly analytical and ask for detailed information on clients and revenues, others focus on where a company is headed and what its entrepreneurs want to do.

Martin and Silvetti have had contact with Endeavor for the past six years, having attended several of the organization’s conferences and gotten to know the organization along the way. Should they be accepted, they said, they look forward to giving back to the entrepreneurial community and helping young entrepreneurs along the way.