GoIntegro Receives US$3 Million Investment to Expand in Latin America

In 2002, Germán Dyzenchauz and Gastón Lejtman made the decision to found Integro, a business conceived to create benefits and incentive programs aimed at improving the commitment, motivation and performance of employees, sales channels and final consumers.

When the two set out on this venture in Buenos Aires, Argentina was in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history. Consumer confidence was lower than ever. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity to repair broken relationships between businesses and consumers. In fact, many of Argentina’s strongest companies were born during the time.

Dyzenchauz and Lejtman made a minimal investment in the company and commenced work out of Dyzenchauz’s garage. A month later, they got their first client, Banco Societe Generale, and developed their first benefits program.

After launching their product, the two built a network of retail contacts to offer discounts and promotions. Dyzenchauz, who now acts as Integro’s CEO, elaborated, “We realized that our product was scalable and could be applied to different clients. We finished our first year with Integro having five clients and five employees.”

Over time, the Integro platform has expanded throughout Latin America. It opened offices in Peru and Chile in 2008, in Colombia in 2009 and in Brazil in 2010. What’s more, the company has received a US$3 million investment from Riverwood Capital and Kaszek Ventures to continue to grow its business.

Social Network + Benefits + Communication

GoIntegro, formerly known as Integro Marketing, has developed a variety of products for Human Resources, including benefits programs, recognition initiatives, incentives and prizes. This is in tune with the recent wave of projects that implement elements of gamification in human resources strategy.

With GoIntegro, engagement is encouraged via a corporate social platform. Users are part of a private social network with applications and solutions for internal communications, corporate benefits, recognition, incentives and prizes – all in the cloud.

“With this new version of the platform and its solutions, we hope to deepen the added value we give to our clients. Social networks are penetrating more and more organizations, and it’s important to exploit that resource to the max,” Dyzenchauz revealed.

While products and businesses exist that sell the services offered by GoIntrego separately (for example, corporate social networks like IndustriasArgentinas.com or recognition programs like PlayVox), GoIntegro is the full package: a corporate social network, a channel of internal communications, a benefits program, a recognition initiative, and a provider of incentives and prizes. Dyzenchauz explained, “All of the product’s features have distinct functionalities that allow for the administration of communications among the programs on an easy-to-adapt technological platform. We offer modules tailor fit to each client.”

Through the platform, users access a space where they can interact with valuable information provided by the company and by their peers. They are able to access all the content published by the business, thus using, creating and collaborating online in a way that optimizes work and improves results. “Immersion in a corporate social network promotes and inspires collaboration among employees. What’s more, users are able to access Latin America’s largest corporate benefits network, including exclusive promotions and discounts,” the Integro CEO pointed out.

Through GoIntegro, employees form part of a recognition program developed by the company. They may be awarded for performance or seniority and also receive corporate gifts for occasions such as birthdays, weddings and births. The platform also invites employees to participate in an incentives program.

Currently, the GoIntegro platform is used by more than 250 big-name corporations, including Banco Itaú, Citibank, Satander, Kimberly-Clark, Carrefour, Cencosud, Arcor, Accenture, Basf, Danone, GE, HP, Zurich, LAN and McDonald´s.

From now until 2015, the company will look to triple revenues and open offices in new Latin American locales. Next stop: Mexico.

This text has been adapted into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.