Start-Up Chile Demo Day: In Which of These 20 Startups Would You Invest?

Start-Up Chile week is set to take place for the third time. Among the various activities planned, one of the most important will be Demo Day. The event will be a prime opportunity for Start-Up Chile’s top entrepreneurs to attract investors who can help them to take the next step with their businesses.

Twenty startups are slated to present during the November 28th Start-Up Chile VIP Demo Day:, a social platform where users can find, collect and share videos. Users access a selected content network, and corporations are able to manage and choose video content for internal and external communications.

For 100% connectivity. Nibu strives to create a free wireless internet network in Latin America by aggregating hotspots and delivering a service that allows for monetization and the achievement of a working internet connection.

Hungry and spending a lazy day at home? With, order in. uses geolocation technologies to connect users with nearby restaurants. In just a few steps, one has a meal delivered without ever having to pick up the phone. The platform has a network of over 1,000 restaurants in its system, most of which are located in Buenos Aires.

MangaCorta is a platform where users can find t-shirts online. Anyone can upload a design to the website, and each time a t-shirt featuring the image is sold, that individual receives a commission. MangaCorta takes care of production, distribution and customer service.

AdviceMeCosmetics helps consumers to select makeup and cosmetic products according to their personal characteristics. Customers are able to try products on the virtual platform and interact via e-mail and social networks.

Who says a good man is hard to find? With Supermanket, it certainly isn’t. Supermanket is an online dating site that works like a supermarket. Women are the shoppers, and men are the products. It has garnered 11,000 registered users in just four months. I can’t help but wonder whether I may want to get my shopping cart ready and pick up a man for myself.

Aentrópico helps professionals and executives to make decisions by gathering data and obtaining intuition. Aentrópico empowers managers to make informed decisions by asking them to respond to specific questions. In turn, they are provided Insight Digests – web reports or PDFs with recommended actions.

Healthy cows for all. Phage Technologies is a Chilean biotechnology company that specializes in the development of biotechnology products for use in the livestock industry to control bacteria. Its first product is Milkeeper, a biological additive that prevents infectious diarrhea in calves.

Online taxis for online passengers. Fantaxico modernizes the way taxi companies work, increasing business and making them part of a larger online fleet of taxis for smartphone users.

Health and hygiene for areas affected by poverty. OttoClave is a low-cost medical sterilization system. Specifically designed for clinics with limited resources, OttoClave is as effective as the autoclaves used in the best hospitals in the world. Currently, the startup has pilot programs in motion in Asia and will soon be expanding in South America.

Fashionistas only. Gargani markets and sells top Italian attire at a reasonable price. Moreover, it offers clients the option to arrange for a stylist to visit them at their homes and offices to take their measurements and guide them through the buying process. Future orders are placed directly online.

Cyberstalking, cyberbullying and online pedophilia are more problematic now than ever. Face Alerta helps parents to make sure their children are protected. The service monitors social networks and alerts parents of suspicious activity and content found in their children’s accounts.

Go to school on Skype. Glovico is a language education marketplace where people from developing countries are able to teach others their languages via Skype. Right now, the company offers more than 30 languages and sells over 500 classes per month. According to Mashable, the technology implemented by Glovico is among the top eight technologies with the most potential to change education through the internet.

Teleconference. Event Ray is a web and mobile application for the planning and organization of large-scale global conferences. It includes online registration, credentials, tickets and payment.

Edoome is an educational social network that connects teachers and students. Through the platform, users can communicate, collaborate, and share their knowledge and content.

Putting some order to the conversation. ReviewTrackers is a B2B online platform designed to help businesses monitor and respond to reviews on Yelp, Google+ Local, TripAdvisor, Foursquare and more. Its web app collects information on a centralized dashboard and notifies users when new reviews are found.

Only for the hyper-connected. ComparTeVe is an app for the second screen. The app uses audio recognition technology to identify the television program users are watching. It then creates a social network in real time for those who are watching the same thing, allowing them to interact during the show.

FunPuntos is a mobile customer loyalty solution for Latin American retail.

Regenerative health. LinceLabs has created Amniofilm, a human amniotic membrane graft with regenerative properties. It has been used successfully in ocular reconstructive surgeries.

Your store online. OmbuShop is an online platform to help Latin American businesses get their products on the web. Its easy-to-use design and interface allow virtually anyone to start selling online in just a few clicks.

A Quick Reminder

Start-Up Chile is a program created by the Chilean government to attract entrepreneurs with early-stage startups. The hope is for Chile to become a platform to access the global market.

During the six-month Start-Up Chile program, participants are required to reside in Chile. They receive a year-long work visa as well as US$40,000, which is distributed through a system of reimbursements. The objective, beyond developing high-potential startups, is to create and strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This text has been adapted into English by Emily Stewart from its original Spanish publication.