AssinaMe Helps the Little Guys Get in on Brazil’s E-Commerce Game

Tree Labs’ first acceleration class would not have been complete without at least one startup looking to get on Brazil’s e-commerce action. Enter AssinaMe.

AssinaMe is an online platform that helps retailers with weekly, monthly and time-based business cycles to market and sell their products and services online. Through AssinaMe, sellers are able to set up their shops in just five short minutes.

AssinaMe was founded in April 2012 by Fernando Nigri Wolff, a Brazilian entrepreneur with significant experience in marketing and e-commerce. The beta version of the platform launched in October. Since that time, over 50 retailers have signed up to create stores and sell to over 20,000 eager consumers.

We got in touch with Wolff to find out about AssinaMe, a pioneer in a sector that will surely take off in Brazil during the months and years ahead.

Emily Stewart: How did AssinaMe get started?

Fernando Nigri Wolff: The company was born from a need that consumers have to buy the same products every month, either in physical stores or online. With our platform, retailers retain their customers, improve sales and reduce inventory, especially if sell their products via subscriptions. The concept has been established in the U.S. since 2008, and it is now emerging in Brazil. In Brazil, however, the retailers who are entering this segment run into difficulties because there are no tools available to help them develop subscription stores, integrate recurring payment systems, or set up back office schemes to manage subscribers. This is where AssinaMe comes in.

ES: How exactly does AssinaMe work?

FNW: AssinaMe provides a platform where retailers can create their shops and are able to customize layouts and parameters according to their businesses. In the back office, AssinaMe is fully integrated with recurring payment services. It also provides reports and dashboards for retailers.

ES: For what sectors does AssinaMe work best?

FNW: AssinaMe is best applied to products such as commodities, pet shops, clothes, essential products and stationary, as well as month-based services such as academic classes and gym subscriptions.

ES: What are your plans for expansion? How will you evolve technologically?

FNW: We must evolve our platform to suit each business model with differentiated tasks and reports. It’s vital for us to understand each retailer’s business and provide extremely relevant data. In terms of expansion, we intend to develop our payment gateway and add services to the platform for small and medium-sized businesses, such as partnerships with companies in the areas of marketing, logistics, and communications.

AssinaMe is just getting off the ground and has a long road ahead. In Brazil’s e-commerce market where bigwig corporations like Dafiti rule the roost, the platform will surely go a long way in helping the little guys get a foot in the door.