Latin America’s First Apple Store Confirmed in Rio de Janeiro

With all the headway Microsoft has been making in Brazil lately, it should come as no surprise that longtime competitor Apple has not been far behind. According to several news outlets, the company will be opening its first Apple Store in Brazil next year.

Like Microsoft, Apple has chosen Rio de Janeiro as its local launching point. It posted 12 job openings for the Rio Apple Store on its website earlier this week, though the exact opening date of the locale has not yet been confirmed.

This will mark the Apple Store’s first landing in Latin America. Should the store prove successful, it will likely open branches in other cities in Brazil and, perhaps, other Latin American countries. Apple has increased interest in emerging markets as of late, setting up shop in China and making plans for Turkey as well.

Though Apple revealed the construction of its Brazilian store just now, it’s likely this has been in the works for quite some time. Foxconn Technology Group announced that it would be building its fifth technology plant in Brazil in September – where it will surely be building iPads.

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