With Second Round of Startup Demos, #RINY12 Comes to a Close

As Red Innova New York came to a close this afternoon, a second batch of startups took the stage as part of the event’s second demo session. This time around, four Latin American startups presented:

The Social Radio (Robert Gluck, Founder): An app that mixes users’ Twitter feeds with their favorite music.

ttwick (Luis Sanchez, Founder): A social media search engine and analytics platform that helps users discover trends and forecast behavior via social media analysis.

TuCreaz (Antonio Cabreira, Founder): A platform for designers, artists and crafters to market and sell their products.

212.com.ve (Luis Fornez, Founder): A way to create intelligent SMS products that connect the internet with the real world.

Gonzalo Costa of NXTP Labs, Demian M. Bellumio of Senzari and Damián Voltes Patagonia Ventures presided over this second round of startup presentations, the first portion of which took place yesterday afternoon.

Image: Antonio Cabreira, Founder of TuCreaz