From Recipes to Restaurants: Five Brazilian iPhone Apps for Foodies

Foodies are everywhere, and thanks to the internet, they’re pretty easy to spot. From Instagram images of home-cooked gourmet meals to Pinterest boards filled with recipe ideas, it’s tough to connect without ending up with at least a slight case of the munchies.

Given our love of food and increased affinity with technology, it makes sense that developers and entrepreneurs would build apps to feed our appetites. And in Brazil, food-related apps are popping up left and right – from recipe recommendations to shopping lists, restaurant reservations and more.

We at PulsoSocial have compiled a list of some of our favorite iPhone apps that all different kinds of foodies will surely enjoy.

For the Cook: CyberCook Receitas

Developed by Brazilian internet pioneer e-Midia, CyberCook Receitas gives users to access to over 100,000 food recipes as well as how-to videos and visual guides. Just 30 days after its August launch, this free app reached 55,000 downloads and earned the top spot in the AppStore’s Gastronomy category.

For the Diner: Grubster

Grubster helps users to discover restaurants based on their tastes, budgets and locations. Through the app, diners can also make reservations and receive exclusive discounts on their meals. Grubster is available in various languages, and download is free of charge.

For the Shopper: MeuCarrinho

Under Buscapé’s wing, MeuCarrinho has successfully transferred its online platform to a mobile app for grocery shoppers. It helps users create shopping lists, compare prices and manage purchases. The MeuCarrinho iPhone app reached 100,000 downloads within just a few weeks of its January 2012 launch.

For the Coupon Clipper: BoaLista

Born as a mobile app, BoaLista is similar to MeuCarrinho in its shopping list and purchase management functions. What makes it stand out, however, is its utility in price comparing and saving money. BoaLista’s iPhone app relies on consumers to use their smartphones to scan product barcodes, thus feeding the app’s index to keep it precise and up-to-date.

For the Dieter: Calculadora de Calorias

A product of Brazilian women’s publication BOA FORMA, this app features nutritional information of over 2,500 different foods. Users simply input information and follow the app’s guides to maintain or lose weight, depending on their fitness goals. It also rewards users for healthy behaviors and weight loss success.

Bon appetit!