Kidsfluence: Explore Tech, Marketing and Trends for Latam’s Kids

Children are among the most coveted demographics in the market, especially when it comes to technology. Creating products for the sector is no easy feat – it requires attention to the interest of kids as well as their parents. But considering the potential of the sector as well as a growing population of highly tech-savvy kids, the challenge is well worth it.

Next Wednesday, November 14th, Kidsfluence will take place in Argentina to celebrate the growing market for products and services aimed at the under-18 crowd in Latin America. Kidsfluence will mark the first event held in the region to focus on technology, marketing and trends for kids – specifically, the tween and teen demographic. The event has been designed to analyze the characteristics of an audience that is increasingly independent and, therefore, more important for businesses.

Pressing Questions

Through discussion panels and expert presentations, various important questions will be discussed. What do kids watch, and on what screen do they watch it? How influential are children in family decisions? What are children’s consuming habits, and how are they evolving? How do offline and online gaming differ? What entertainment options are most appealing, and what influence does online access to educational information have? What are the effects of the local economy on children?

Kidsfluence is officially sponsored by Twigis, an online children’s platform for tweens. A subsidiary of Israeli parent company Tweegee, Twigis launched in Argentina in May of last year and already has over 100,000 users in the country. Other players within the local market have joined Twigis in sponsoring the event, including Trendsity, Viacom and Aula365.

Several leaders in and experts on the kids market are slated to share their experiences at Kidsfluence. Ramiro Fernández of MTV Networks Latin America, Cristian Schweizer of Axeso5, and Demian Falestchi of Twigis will present, among others.

Kidsfluence will commence at 8:30 a.m. next Wednesday. To sign up to attend, visit