17 Wayra Startups to Present at International demoDay 2012 in Miami

This coming December, Telefónica digital startup accelerator Wayra will host its first ever international Demo Day in Miami. On Wednesday, December 12th, 17 Wayra startups from 11 different countries will pitch their products to some of the top figures in the U.S. investment community.

Wayra Global demoDay 2012 will take place within the framework of the Americas Venture Capital Conference (AVCC). The LAB Miami, a co-working space in Wynwood, will host the event. It will be a meeting point for networks in Latin America, Europe and the United States and lead to good things not only for the 17 startups to present but to all 170 enterprises accelerated by Wayra to date.

Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of Wayra, expressed excitement surrounding Global demoDay 2012:

It marks the start of a new phase for Wayra in which we aim to show off the hard work of the entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and the results of the acceleration model that Wayra has put them through over recent months. It is also a faithful reflection of our original commitment as an accelerator, to showcase the enterprising talent that exists in Latin America and Europe and facilitate every possible space so that they can capture opportunities for growth on a global scale.

The startups slated to present run the gamut in terms of market, maturity and model. See the full list here:

AATAG – Brazil

aaTAG is a bridge between the online and offline worlds, making physical objects “clickable” as though they were on a browser.


AgentPiggy is the first web platform that enables parents to educate their children in finances.

AKDEMIA – Venezuela

Akdemia is an online service that improves school management and the modernization of information and communication in schools.


Bevelity brings true 3D scenes to the browser, enabling users to interact with them in real time.

BRAGBET – Ireland

BragBet is a social sports betting network.


ClearKarma helps consumers to make responsible decisions in food shopping.


Cleverlize helps teachers and educators to build and sell mobile e-learning applications.


Cloud66 is an infrastructure maintenance services provider in the cloud.


CogniCor is an automated complaint resolution service for service companies that minimizes the need for human intervention.


Coquétame offers a free personal shopper service.


Invoost is a share buying and selling game in which the users compete in tournaments.


Kubo Financiero is an online marketplace that enables its users to lend money and make investments.

MACHINA – Mexico

Machina is a men’s clothing brand based on a simple concept: portable technology seeking a balance between the rebellious, innovative, masculine and irreverent.


Papaya is a web platform that offers audiovisual content and services.

POSITIVE ID – Colombia

PositiveID is an identity verification network.

QUOLAW – Argentina

Quolaw offers a legal tool in the cloud that helps lawyers to do their work in a secure and efficient manner.

TEDCAS – Spain

TedCas develops the most advanced natural interfaces for medical assistance.

Wayra International demoDay 2012 will surely be an exciting experience for all involved. To find out more, visit http://wayra.org/globaldemoday2012/.