Developers Invited to Meet MercadoLivre in São Paulo Tomorrow

Tomorrow Wednesday, October 31st, MercadoLivre will host its first ever Developer Conference in São Paulo, Brazil. Latin America’s leading e-commerce platform will bring together Brazil’s thriving community of developers to discuss the most relevant issues affecting them today.

MervadoLibre CEO Marcos Galperin will open the event with welcoming remarks introducing attendees to the MercadoLivre ecosystem. Throughout the day, various members of the MercadoLivre team will discuss all things technical in relation to the company, from APIs to authentication, authorization, payments and sales. Supply and demand, Facebook integration and commercial opportunities will also be explored. At the end of the day, a networking happy hour will take place to help speakers and attendees connect.

A First-Hand Opportunity

The MercadoLivre Developer Conference will prove an exciting opportunity for professionals and students to get a first-hand view of one of Latin America’s most successful tech corporations. Attendance of the event is completely free of charge – all you have to do is sign up to attend here.