Accenture to Lead 20 Brazilian Entrepreneurs into Silicon Valley

Latin America is about to invade Silicon Valley yet again. Next week, Accenture will lead a group of Brazilian business leaders to Silicon Valley to exchange ideas and entrepreneurial experiences.

The Accenture Innovation Trip is an initiative headed by LIDE JOVEM (Group of Young Business Leaders) and LIDE INOVACAO (Group of Business Leaders in Innovation), through which Accenture CEO Roger Ingold will lead a group of 20 Brazilian business leaders on a five-day tour of Silicon Valley from October 29th to November 4th. Representatives from Braspress, Cisa Trading, Innovative Management Consulting, Proxis and Santander are confirmed to attend.

The group’s tour agenda is jam packed, with visits scheduled to Stanford University, Apple, Google, IDEO, 500 Startups and Endeavor Global. The Accenture Innovation Trip will also make stops as Badgeville, a global leader in gamification, and Silicon House, a Silicon Valley business hub, as well as, of course, the Silicon Valley Accenture offices.

André Martins, President of LIDE JOVEM, described the purpose of the trip:

This is an opportunity to generate business and investment in the world’s leading innovation center. It is a trip to learn about business management and an initiative to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Brazil.

The Accenture Innovation Trip marks a growing trend of more and more Latin American entrepreneurs taking an increasingly aggressive approach with respect to Silicon Valley.