After One Year of Business, GetNinjas has over 25,000 offline professionals to its platform

When we met GetNinjas in July, there was little room for doubt that the Brazilian startup was on the right path. The company, an online marketplace for offline services, had already received funding from Monashees Capital and Kaszek Ventures. Its co-founder and CEO, Eduardo L’Hotellier, exhibited a clear vision of the Brazilian market and his company’s place in it. All signs pointed to good things to come, and three months later, they have.

This month, GetNinjas is celebrating its first year of business. Since its launch in October of 2011, the company has managed to bring over 25,000 offline professionals to its platform, which today includes 12 general categories and 106 subcategories. Service requests through GetNinjas increase at a 25% monthly rate, generating around US$150,000 in revenues for its network of professionals each month.

GetNinjas’ success has not gone unnoticed. Just last month, it was the judge’s pick and winner of the Fnbox Latin America Startup Challenge at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

A Sneak Peek at the Road Ahead

Moving forward and into 2013, GetNinjas will most certainly continue to grow and evolve. Regarding the company’s goals and aims, L’Hotellier remarked, The idea is to capitalize on the potential and reach of the internet, thus rendering GetNinjas a virtual showcase for autonomous professionals, service providers and freelancers to increase revenues and connecting those looking to hire with those looking to get hired.”