Lean Startup Machine São Paulo II at Wayra Academy in November

The second São Paulo edition of Lean Startup Machine is set to go next month. From Friday, November 30th to Sunday, December 2nd, the local Wayra chapter will play host to a group of entrepreneurs and developers looking to apply the lean startup method to their projects and ideas.

The event is open to startup teams without a defined product/market fit as well as aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and founders. At the start of the day, attendees will be given just 50 seconds to pitch their concepts, after which ideas will be selected and teams will be formed. Throughout the weekend, ideas will become reality through work following the lines of the lean startup methodology.

Though all Lean Startup Machine attendees are encouraged to go in with brand new ideas, the event is also open to those with pre-existing projects with associated mockups, prototypes or code. In such cases, founders are advised to bring along at least one co-founder as they will not be permitted to recruit new team members among fellow participants.

Inscriptions to Lean Startup Machine São Paulo II are now open. Reserve your space today.