Brazil’s PagPop Among 10 New Intel Capital Investments

At the Intel Capital Global Summit last week, Intel Capital announced 10 – that’s right, 10 – new investments. The organization revealed that it had doled out approximately US$40 million to nearly a dozen technology endeavors from around the world.

From California to China, software to games, Intel’s 10 investments ran the gamut in terms of location and sector. And while the majority of the companies chosen were based in the U.S. and Asia, one Brazilian business made an appearance: PagPop.

Founded in 2006, PagPop is an online e-payment platform that allows individuals and small business owners to accept credit card payments virtually anywhere at any time. PagPop Founder and CEO Marcio Campos and COO Rodrigo Tiraboschi lead the company, which has undergone acceleration with 21212 Digital Accelerator in Brazil.

Brazil seems to have piqued the interest of Intel Capital investors this year, having made at least nine different investments in the region, including Elike, Vostu and Pixeon. It is one of a growing number of international funds active within the Latin American ecosystem, especially Brazil.