Means to an End: Grupo RBS Announces Launch of e.Bricks Digital

Over the past year, Brazil’s Grupo RBS has quietly been gathering forces in the digital realm. It has made numerous investments and acquisitions in e-commerce, mobile and digital media as part of a digital holding division launched in September 2011. And this week, the company has revealed that, as we suspected, such actions were merely means to a greater end.

Yesterday, Grupo RBS announced the launch of e.Bricks Digital, an independent digital business development company to be located in São Paulo, Brazil. With a focus on strategic investment in fast-growing enterprises, e.Bricks will seek out companies acting in markets with a potential for high growth. In line with Grupo RBS’s previous strategy, it will be active in three main sectors: segmented e-commerce, mobile and digital media, and technology.

The e.Bricks team is optimistic about its market, estimating that it could reach US$32 billion in revenues by 2015. Fabio Bruggioni, who has been named CEO of e.Bricks Digital, described his view of the sector, “This industry is in its infancy, and we are working to build an ecosystem that favors digital entrepreneurism, bringing together entrepreneurs, executives, investors, business partners, advertisers and digital entrepreneurs so that we may develop this new market together.”

e.Bricks has launched with what is already a rather extensive portfolio, having invested in and acquired numerous businesses as part of Grupo RBS. At the end of August, it acquired fast-fashion e-commerce platform Lets. Prior to that, it picked up PredictaGuia da Semana, da Hi-Mídia and ObaOba as well as, Latin America’s largest online wine merchant.