Founder Friday Today, Headed to São Paulo Soon

It’s that time of the month again – Founder Friday, of course. Today, women in the tech, whether entrepreneurs, investors, developers or other professionals, will come together to meet, network and explore the role of women in the 2.0 realm.

Founder Friday will take place today in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City and Santiago in Latin America as well as various locales around the world, including Barcelona, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and Boston.

São Paulo and Other New Locales

Not in your area? No need to worry. Founder Friday is in the process of expansion, and for Brazil, that means that the meetup will be taking place very soon. The organization behind the event, Women 2.0, teamed up with Google last month to spread the Founder Friday initiative to locales, including São Paulo as well as Detroit, Moscow and New Orleans.

Event organizers are always seeking for volunteers to organize local meetups, so head to to find out more.