With 100,000 Users Registered, Twigis Reaches New Milestone

Argentina-based kids’ platform Twigis has hit a new milestone, reaching 100,000 registered users today.

An offshoot of the Israeli Tweegee, Twigis has experienced exponential growth since its launch in May of this year. In June, Twigis Project Manager Demian Falestchi told us that the company had achieved 16,000 registered users and 300,000 unique monthly visits. By August, it had reached the 50,000 mark, and now, under two weeks later, that number has doubled.

Much of Twigis’ success can be attributed to a proven formula that parent company Tweegee has precisely localized for various locales. The enterprise has already established itself as a leader in Russia and Turkey and has now set its sights on Argentina as well as Brazil. Its social media platform geared to children ages six-to-12 is a safe environment for kids to interact, play, learn and express themselves creatively.

Twigis’ users, 58% of which are girls and 42% of which are boys, are attracted by the wide variety of themes and topics found within the platform. From contests and prizes to news, music and games, the platform’s features encourage children to be themselves and express their thoughts and opinions freely.

Though it’s got some stiff local competition, Twigis’ fast take-off is a big indicator that its support system and strategy are on spot-on. See more of what Twigis is about in the video below: