Dream Killing with David Weekly on Saturday Afternoon @PulsoConf

This afternoon at PulsoConf, David Weekly took center stage to kill the dreams of a room full of hopeful entrepreneurs and developers. Well, not really. But he did make a few surprising suggestions. The founder of Mexican.VC, Silicon Valley’s first seed phase fund for Mexican internet startups, Weekly is the CEO of Gaston Labs, Chairman of PBworks, and Founding Director of Hacker Dojo.

With all this talk about the cloud as of late, Weekly told attendees, “It’s time for us to take our heads out of the cloud and get to work building.” Entrepreneurs and developers must kill their dreams, in a sense, and turn them into reality. Founders must formulate and test hypotheses, pivoting accordingly and accepting that most, if not all, or their original ideas may be wrong and off-base. Weekly highlighted numerous successful tech startups that morphed entirely away from their original ideas – Yahoo, Flickr and Twitter, to name a few.

Later in his speech, Weekly went on to discuss his experiences with Mexican.VC and the Mexican ecosystem, which, admittedly, has some room to grow. Entrepreneurs and developers cannot wait for the government, investors or other parties to step in – they must do it themselves. He said, “You can’t wait for the ecosystem to develop – you have to develop it yourself.”