Bedy Yang @PulsoConf on 500 Startups, Silicon Valley, Brazil and Investing

Bedy Yang took the stage at PulsoConf this morning, the conference’s main representative from Brazil, Latin America’s leading tech hub. An associate at 500 Startups and leader in Brazil Innovators, Yang outlined her experiences in Brazil and Silicon Valley and provided her thoughts as to the role of venture capital and seed funding in the startup ecosystem.

Yang pointed out that in 2010, nothing was going on in terms of tech entrepreneurship in Brazil. Since that time, as we all know, that has changed significantly, and more and more entrepreneurs are solving problems, sharing ideas, making changes and pivoting in creating a new breed of startups in the country. She highlighted the role of events in growing the local network and the importance of media attention and buzz

She went on to discuss her work at 500 Startups and the organization’s part in bridging the funding gap for startups. The role of 500 Startups is to get an enterprise from zero to one, the idea being that other investors will come in later down the line to help it reach one to 10. Yang’s team at 500 Startups uses a methodology similar to the lean startup method, getting startups off the ground quickly and investing in an environment that is scalable and profitable later down the line.