The Programming Language Tower of Babel @PulsoConf with Matt Aimonetti

Matt Aimonetti is a web engineer, technical writer and active open-source contributor. A mainstay of the Ruby community, he authored MacRuby: the definitive guide and blogs regularly He is currently employed as a Senior R&D Engineer at LivingSocial and previously worked at Sony PlayStation. This afternoon at PulsoConf, he presented Tower of Babel: A Tour of Programming Languages.

There are endless programming languages out there right now, each with its own advantages, issues and quirks. Interpreted vs. compiled languages, dynamically vs. statistically typed, functional programming vs. non-FP – everything’s up for grabs. Aimonetti said it’s important to evaluate each language thoughtfully, looking beyond the hello world and syntax.

According to the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, linguistic differences have consequences on human cognition and behavior. For programming, Aimonetti asked, may the case not be the same?

Find a list below of the languages explored:




Objective-C (Apple)

Go (Google)



In closing, he said that the goal of an engineer isn’t to learn languages. Instead, engineering professionals must consider themselves developers and problem solvers, choosing the languages they learn wisely, as this will play an important role in the types of solutions they derive.