A Note on DDD: Vaughn Vernon @PulsoConf

The PulsoConf and BogotaConf workshop circuit commenced this morning with a DDD session from Vaughn Vernon, the author of Implementing Domain-Driven Design. An independent coach, trainer and consultant practicing DDD, event-driven and distributed architectures, Vernon shared his expert knowledge with a select group of up-and-coming developers and programmers.

Big data has become quite the buzz word as of late. But what exactly does it mean? Sure, we can collect endless amounts of data, but do we know what we have? What it means? This is where, Vernon said, DDD comes in. DDD is work within the domain model, the domain being that of the business, such as health care, insurance, etc., related. The concept depends upon the two main pillars of bounded context (where words and language mean one specific thing) and ubiquitous language.

DDD: Brown & Green

Vernon highlighted the importance of the mix of green and brown field development, acknowledging the existence of legacy systems in almost all software enterprises. Though this is not a bad thing, it must be kept in mind. Likewise, he warned against dependence on CRUD thinking (create, read, update and delete) and encouraged developers to think analytically and avoid hyperbolic discounting. If a project is to months of effort, DDD will result in acceleration over time.

DDD may not be in the repertoire of every developer, but as data increases and business becomes increasingly complex, it will become more and more relevant.