Brazilian Court System Maintains Solid Stance, Rules Against Facebook

It’s not just Google that’s in hot water in Brazil right now – from the looks of things, it’s Facebook, too.

This week, a Brazilian court ordered the social media giant to pay US$1,500 (R$3,000) for moral damages to Nadya Pereira Justino. Justino filed a complaint against Facebook following its failure to promptly remove a fake profile containing her name, photo and other personal data, even after she submitted the required information proving her identity.

Facebook Brazil claimed that the decision to remove the profile was the jurisdiction of the larger, but the court system did not agree. The penalty was assigned in part to inform users of their rights and discourage Facebook and other social networks from allowing similar situations to reoccur.

The Brazilian court system has proven particularly aggressive with respect to web content responsibility and accountability as of late. Though companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular in Brazil, the country has proven that it has no plans to give them free reign.