Porto Digital Names Top Five in Eco Intelligent City Contest

The sustainability-related potential of technology is undeniable, and in Recife, Porto Digital is working hand-in-hand with local bodies to explore the possibilities. Along with the Department of Science and Technology (SECTEC) and the Department of the Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS) in Pernambuco, Porto Digital organized the Eco Intelligent City Contest.

The challenge was created with the aim of encouraging new ventures with strategic solutions to make a positive impact on sustainability in urban areas. The contest was launched during Campus Party Recife.

In total, 29 projects applied, and the top five have now been selected:

First Place: Economize Industrial, a scheme to improve electricity efficiency in industry through monitoring, analysis and resource management.

Second Place: Carona Sustensável, a carpooling social network for workers and professionals.

Third Place: Economize Residencial, like Economize Industrial, a system for more efficient electricity use, directed at homes. Also features games and social elements.

Fourth Place: E-Lixo Sustentável, software that facilitates the collection of electronic waste from social networks and connective devices.

Fifth Place: A division of Bidcorp, a platform for the management and marketing of surplus construction assets to prevent waste.

Porto Digital is a vital center of technology in Brazil and is pushing Recife to the forefront of the region’s ecosystem. With this competition, it is calling attention to yet another aspect of the realm of possibilities abound.