Business Model Generation Workshop in Salvador Begins Today

Today and tomorrow, Jacques Chicourel will host a workshop to help entrepreneurs in the development of one of the most essential elements of their startup endeavors: the business model. In Salvador in the Brazilian province of Bahia, the Business Model Generation Workshop will cover the most vital aspects of organizing a company that is viable, scalable and, most importantly, profitable.

The workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs with a product or service that is already in the validation stage and nearing a point of pivot. It will also prove beneficial to part-time entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses somewhere down the line.

The idea as the DNA of the business model will be a running theme throughout the two-day event. Attendees will be presented with the definition and concept behind the business model and learn about various methodologies and tools. The Empathy Map, a tool for understanding the point-of-view of the consumer, will be presented, as will the Customer Value Canvas, which helps entrepreneurs to adapt their value proposals to the expectations of the client. Step-by-step methods for working through the Lean Canvas and the Business Model Canvas will also be outlined.

Chicourel himself will provide the entrepreneurs with key insights into the startup scene as well, touching on his own experiences as an entrepreneur, teacher and mentor.

The Business Model Generation Workshop will commence this evening at CWK Salvador and come to a close tomorrow afternoon.

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